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“No Forgiveness too Large,
No Effort too Small! -
Forgiveness has to start somewhere”

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Why is this site here?
Are you a “real” church?
Is it really that simple?

Can I visit this site more than once?
Can I get more information about Forgiveness?

Q: Why is this site here?
A: It’s here because our world needs an easygoing place that has a simple message about forgiveness - FORGIVENESS HEALS LIVES. Forgiveness heals our world, whether releasing yourself or releasing others. Our planet would be a much warmer and easier place if everyone forgave everybody - all the time. It’s happening right now - even right here as great people like you visit this site...

Q: Are you a “real” church?
A: No. This site’s efforts are to GROW UNIVERSAL LOVE THROUGH FORGIVENESS. We are not part of any church; and we are non-denominational. We have no meeting place other than this website and it’s all anonymous. In the broader sense of the word, “Church” is only meant to suggest that we are a “focused spiritual gathering” to promote the value of human forgiveness. (Actually, when I first looked for ideas on the web about forgiveness, I was amazed that there wasn’t already a website called “ChurchOfForgiveness.com” - the name was available, so I grabbed it.)

Q: Is Forgiveness really that simple?
A: It’s as simple as you allow it to be. So allow it to be simple and then experience the forgiveness you so richly deserve. THE MOMENT YOU DECIDE TO LOVINGLY FORGIVE YOURSELF OR OTHERS, THEN THAT FORGIVENESS BECOMES INSTANTLY TRUE FOR YOU! If this website manages to help someone improve the quality of their life, then we have made a difference. If something on this site can help with that goal, then it’s all worth it. Besides, we have the “Secret Ancient Seal”...

Q: Can I visit this site more than once?
A: Of course. Visit as many times as you like. Invite friends to visit...

Q: Where can I get more information about Forgiveness?
A: You can visit our Resources page to read books or to send flowers, a card or a gift to someone special. Maybe even do something special for yourself!

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